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Travel Advisory Awards

traveladvisory-awardsTravel Advisory Awards have the privilege to acknowledge and reward the best companies and establishments within the travel industry.

To be appointed a winner of Travel Advisory Awards is one of the finest and most prestigious tributes a company or an establishment within the travel industry may achieve.

The nominees are carefully selected among millions of companies and establishments. Multiple categories are covered within the travel industry such as hotels, restaurants, shops, airlines, tourist attractions, museums etc. Both nominated and award-winning companies are considered setting the highest benchmark of their kind offering clients excellent service and memorable experiences.

The award-winning companies are acknowledged and promoted through our multiple communication channels reaching all kinds of travellers all around the world such as tourists, business, travel agencies, media, bloggers and more.

Both nominated and award-winning companies may use the Travel Advisory Awards logo on their website, social media, brochures or other optional marketing channels. Being nominated or winning the Travel Advisory Awards is valid for one year. Companies and establishments that continuously maintain highest standard and excellent quality have the possibility to be nominated or win the award multiple consecutive years.

Travel advisory awards certificate

Only the best of the best hotels, restaurants and other points of interests within the travel industry are nominated for the Travel Advisory Awards.

After registering the nomination for the award, the company or establishment will receive an official certificate and an exclusive golden plate and also get access to use the Travel Advisory Awards logo in their marketing channels.

When a traveller visits a hotel, restaurant or boutique somewhere in the world and notices the Travel Advisory Awards logo it is obvious and confirmed he or she is visiting a top rated establishment of highest quality.

The nomination committee is continuously and consistently covering customer ratings, media reports and other related information concerning points of interests within the travel industry. Nominated and award-winning companies and establishments are exclusively considered being the best of the best.



Among infinitely large number of boutiques and shops to choose from around the world most may seem mainstream, but there is still nothing beating that feeling of well-being when you arrive to that very right boutique. Where harmony and exaltation is perfectly blended. Service, content and atmosphere brilliantly combined and you never want to leave. It is YOUR special boutique.

Travel Advisory Awards want to reward those boutiques and shops that stand out among the crowd and deserve special honor for not only selling products and things, but also providing a luxurious lifestyle and an experience that will last for a long time. This may refer to the major well-known international luxury brands, but also aims to smaller unique shops providing that little extra that will perhaps make memories that last forever. Luxury shopping is not just about money and beautiful things but also about feeding the soul, which is the highest achievement.



Nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction and delight after a perfect dinner. A top quality restaurant is not only about eating though, it is as much about the balance of several key ingredients such as flawless service, dreamy ambiance, unique charm, beautiful crowd and optimal location to mention a few. Some luxury travel destinations are not about eating at all, but also manage to offer that special and unique feeling adding up to fantastic experiences and memories.

Travel Advisory Awards want to reward restaurants, but also a variety of travel destinations in general such as distinguishing museums, charming cafes, unique amusement parks, high-quality SPA’s, luxury hairdressers etc., that stand out among the crowd and simply offer their visitors something extraordinary making it worthwhile to make that extra trip. As competition is tough and the buzz is loud in the travel industry it is of highest importance to shed light and fame on those restaurants and destinations that manage to add unique and magical sparks to travelers’ experiences.



When traveling, the quality and experience of the chosen accommodation could be the most decisive factor for either overall satisfaction or general disappointment. Nothing beats the feeling when stepping into a hotel lobby and start embracing the distinguished scent, the beautiful details of the surroundings, the well balanced ambiance , the perfect staff service etc. Hotels come in different shapes, diverse styles and varying philosophies, but all details add up to the overall treat and that wonderful feeling of being in your obvious habitat.

Travel Advisory Awards want to reward and recognize the most prestigious and best hotels in the world. Whether the hotel offers charm, cosiness and genuineness or luxury, grandeur and influence the perception of complete satisfaction from a hotel stay remains the same. As competition is tough and the number of alternatives are infinite it is crucial to keep in mind that genuine quality, almost in a spiritual way, can never be compromised on. It is of great importance to highlight and glorify those hotels that offer that unique and magical experience all travelers’ are expecting, hoping for or willing to be surprised by.

Travel Advisory Awards will nominate the best companies within the travel industry during 2019. The winners will be announced in November 2019